The Stolen Image
"Remembering September 11, 2001"
By David E. Kelly

Introduction of Story

The Story of a Big League Photo!

The scene of the image was captured from the right side behind home plate in Bank One Ball Park, Phoenix, Arizona. It details the United States Colored Guard in the outfield along with members of the Armed Forces holding a flag as it draped the outfield. The Arizona Diamondbacks were lined up along third baseline and the New York Yankees on the first. Jewel, a well known country and western vocalist was selected to sing the National Anthem. She stood in front of Yankee Manager, Joe Torre.

The Phoenix Fire Department held up the tattered flag from the World Trade Center over the short stop area. Then, the F16th's flew over Bank One Ballpark and the fans pointed up to the sky for a split second, as the planes jetted by. At that precise moment, the shutter opened and the rest is history.

 There were only 1,001 limited edition 24 x 36 photo-posters printed by the registered copyright owner. Only God knows how many counterfeit prints are hanging on sports fans walls from "sea to shining sea".

As you view the photo notice that on the backfield wall "Office Max" had an advertisement and the thief tried to sell it to Wal-Mart in bulk, who may have asked him to remove it. The poster was also darkened and printed on thicker stock paper.

 As the story unfolds, the original thief who from now on will be referred to as "the brother from another planet" was supposed to be a Mormon and a former Major League player who somehow lost his way and sought out to recapture his faded glory of throwing curve balls at Homerun Kings.

Because of a dereliction of duty by legal authorities after the crimes were reported, the photographer/copyright owner personally took it upon himself to go on the road to track down the thief's paper trail and discovered that the counterfeit photo-poster had been distributed to over 100 vendors who sold the 50,000 bogus prints of posters, vinyl banners, t-shirts, post cards, and reportedly window car shades across the United States and in other countries. The criminal has not been charged to this very day and claims that he donated 3,000 fake copies of the poster to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, when in fact, the copyright violation was reported to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department long before the criminal distributed his illegal stock of merchandise. Visit the thief's wall to see how he got in bed with the Sheriff.

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